We are dedicated to the improvement of the OCAD University campus and Toronto community by means of cultivating. ​​


GrOCAD is a creative incubator - a space where curious minds come together to learn, rethink and innovate the systems and relationships between urban ​dwellers and living organisms.


Sprouting from OCAD University, students collaborate with faculty and staff to build relationships and stories around growing their own food and understanding the vital role that plants play in urban life. In this student group, sustainability becomes social, dissolving boundaries between people, plants, and the delicate ecosystem that binds us.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with grOCAD? Propose a new project, help out with our current initiatives and learn about urban cultivation. We encourage you to email us or check out our Facebook page​ to get involved!


© 2014 by GrOCAD. Join us to improve Toronto's community by getting involved or coming out to our workshops!